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Burdick Estates

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Properties are listed by County, City, And State 

Monroe County House Apartments:

House Apartments in Rochester NY

Rochester NY Properties

Monroe County Apartments:

Apartments in West Irondequoit NY

Georgetown Manor 

Titus Villa Apartments

Apartments in Irondequoit NY

Pine Ridge Apartments

Apartments in Webster NY

Avalon Suites

Apartments in Greece NY

Sterling Square

Bennington Apartments

Apartments in Gates NY

William's Tribute

Livingston County:

Apartments in Lakeville NY

Burdick Estates

Apartments in Livonia NY

Big Tree Apartments

Orleans County:

Commercial Office Space in Albion NY

Arnold Gregory Office Complex

Apartments in Albion NY

Canal Town Commons 

Apartments in Holley NY

Oak Ridge Manor

Woodside Court

Apartments in Waterport NY

Lake Country Gardens

Wayne County:

Apartments in Newark NY

Newark NY Properties

Parkview Apartments

Parkside Apartments

Parkway Apartments

Apartments in Walworth NY

Walworth Garden Apartments




House Apartments in Newark NY

Town of Newark Properties

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