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(Frequently Asked Questions)



What apartments do you have available?

  • Our Vacancies are listed on our website. We update this page daily. We typically post vacancies 60-90 days in advance depending on notice given and try to offer those apartments by 30 days in advance.

Is it possible to move-in earlier or later than the date advertised?

  • Sometimes Yes! We try our best to accommodate all weekday move-in requests when possible. Please, when you are applying, put the date you need to move in by so that we can assign apartments appropriately.

How do I set up a tour or a showing of an apartment?

  • You must apply first. We do not show apartments while residents are still occupying them. Once the apartments are ready to show we offer showings to our approved applicants who may at that time hold the apartment by paying their security deposit.

Why do I have to apply before I can see an apartment?

  • Firstly we care about the safety of our residents and staff and prefer to background check all applicants prior to scheduling meetings in our apartments. Secondly we value your time and as we do not have model apartments and must wait for the unit to become vacant and ready to show, we wish to prequalify all applicants prior to offering tours.

What's the Application Process?

Can you tell me now if I would be approved before applying?

  • Unfortunately no, we need to have a completed application and time to review the information and hear back from references before making a decision. Apartments are filled first come, first serve to the most qualified applicant with a completed application. It is suggested that you complete the application as quickly as possible to be considered.

How long is your waitlist? Should I apply?

  • Always just apply. If we are advertising apartments online or on our vacancies page then it has not already been filled from our waitlist, but new applications are submitted daily, the sooner you complete your application the sooner we can let you know if we have an apartment that you can be approved for.

Can you mail me an application?

  • We strongly prefer candidates fill out the application online. This is your best chance for being approved as we can respond to everything much faster and read everything much clearer. Should we print and mail the application to you, there is a chance the apartment will be filled before we receive the application back from you.


Is there an Application Fee? How do I pay it? What is it for? 

  • We charge a $25 non-refundable application fee per adult. It covers the cost of the $20 Credit & Background Check and the $5 Online Processing Fee. Please only pay by online payment, money order, or cashier's check.

It's just me as the main applicant but my spouse or adult child will live with me, do they need to apply as well? 

  • YES. ALL Full-Time residents 18 years or older need to complete the application process and be added to the lease. 

Do you accept international applicants? What is the application process if I do not yet have a social security number?

  • YES. ALL potential occupants 18 years or older need to complete the application process and be added to the lease. If you do not have a US social security number then you may apply and pay the fee which will be processed once you obtain citizenship. You may enter a dummy number for your SSN such as 123456789 until you have a valid US SSN. You must still have verifiable income, government issued photo ids and you must supply your own international credit and background check from your current country. For all international RGH doctors please work with HR to obtain your offer letter and your HireRight Background/Credit Check to submit with your application and photo id.

I'm applying for my own apartment but my partner/friend might stay over sometimes, do they need to apply as well? 

  • We have a section on our application for part-time adult applicants. If they stay more than 15 days in one year but are on the lease for their own apartment elsewhere, we consider them to be a "part-time occupant" and we do need to know about them, if they're over 18 we need some information such as their photo id to check their background and their vehicle info to make note of their vehicle as we may otherwise tow their vehicle if it is not accounted for.


Can I pay the Application Fee online?

  • Yes. You may apply and pay online.

Is this a hard or soft credit check? / Will this hurt my credit score?

  • It is a soft pull. Our credit check will not hurt your credit score! We use AppFolio's Experian tenant-screening  which result in a "soft" inquiry instead of a "hard" inquiry. You may see the inquiry and a temporary dip to your score but soft inquiries don't affect a consumer's long term credit score, which means you can apply to be screened without a hard inquiry's potential negative impact on your credit report.

  • Should you be approved for an apartment you will be enrolled in positive credit reporting allowing you to earn credit with every on time rent payment. 

Are there any other fees? What is the total move in cost?

  • Once Approved, in total to move in to the apartment we need: Security Deposit (equal to One Month's Rent), your first month's Rent +/- any proration, plus we charge a $50 one-time administrative fee. The math works out to (Rent) x2 +$50 +/- any proration or add-ons for pets or storage.

What are the Credit & Background requirements?

  • Income must be around 3x rent. Credit Score of 600 or higher. Nothing currently in Collections. No Recent Bankruptcies. No Evictions. No Felony Convictions. No Negative Landlord, Employment, or Professional References.


Do you accept Section 8?

  • Yes. We accept all forms of assistance and income but do ask that applicant show proof of total gross reoccurring monthly income/assistance and that it equal approximately 3x rent. Please note we are not a state subsided property and still require applicants to meet all approval standards.


Can my income be accepted if I live off savings / make money from my own business / work for a family and don't have pay stubs?

  • Yes but we will need what recent proof you have of all savings, checking, assistance, and other income, plus 2 years of tax returns. If you are not retired it is strongly recommended to also upload your reason for not having work related income such as disability documents, intern acceptance letters, future job offer letters, 1099 from side jobs, etc.

What if I am moving from out of state or just starting a job?

  • Please submit what you have. If you have been offered a job submit the offer letter when we email you. If you work remotely submit some type of proof your job will transfer with you. We can also reach out to your employers and ask them to fill out a verification form on your behalf.

Do you accept co-signers or can I give an increased deposit?

  • No at this time we do not accept co-signers, increased deposits, or rent up front in place of meeting the credit and background requirements.


Is there a Security Deposit? How Much is it?

  • Yes. Deposits are equivalent to one month's rent and treated as non-refundable holding fees during the leasing process, then converted to refundable security deposits at move-in and returned by mail 2-4 weeks after move-out with 30-day notice given on the 1st of the month and a satisfactory inspection minus any administrative or maintenance charges.

Which properties have Washer/Dryer hookups? 

  • All units at Bennington, Sterling, & Pine Ridge. Some units at Parkway, Parkside, & Woodside Court. All other Apartment Complexes have a shared a Coin-Operated Washer & Dryer in each building. All houses except for the property on Parsells have Washer-Dryer Hookups.


Which properties have downstairs or minimal stairs units?

  • Georgetown Manor, Pine Ridge, Burdick Estates, Big Tree, Canal Town Commons, Lake County Gardens, Parkway, Parkside, & Woodside Court.

Are any utilities are included in the rent?

  • Yes. Most of our properties have some utilities and amenities included in the rent. Check out the Property Page of each apartment to find out more!

Do you offer off-street parking?

  • Yes. Most of our properties offer off-street parking. Check out the Property Page of each apartment to find out more!


What pets are allowed?

  • At most of our properties we allow up to 2 indoor only pets such as Cats, Rabbits, Hamsters, Bearded Dragons, Etc. No Dogs are allowed without Property Specific Approval. Pet Rent is $25/Month per pet with a $100 One-Time Non-Refundable Pet Fee Due at Move-In.


Do you accept Service Animals?

  • Yes. If your application is approved we will also accept your registered service animal. We will need to see proof registration/town license, a valid prescription from your doctor, and recent vet records to confirm the details of the service animal/emotional support animal. If your service animal goes outside the apartment it must be leashed and wear a labeled service vest or lead.

Is Renters Insurance required?

  • YES. We now require renters insurance and we advise all tenants that our property insurance or liability only insurance enforced on new residents that fail to obtain renters insurance only covers the structure itself. Renters Insurance covers your belongings if something should happen.


Can I smoke in my apartment?

  • NO. Smoking or burning of any substance indoors is not allowed. We do not allow smoking of cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, vape pens, or any other inhaled or burned substances inside the apartment. You may only smoke outside away from common doors & windows.


When should I start applying for an apartment?

  • 60-90 days in advance. We try to post our Vacancies online usually 60 days in advance and try to offer the apt by 30 days prior to move-in.


I need to move out and end my lease. How does this work?

  • Our leases are all currently Month to Month & although we prefer long term residents we only ask for a 30+ day notice given in writing by the first of the month.



How Do Maintenance Requests Work?

  • We are now asking all current residents to submit ALL Maintenance Requests through their tenant portal on AppFolio. If you have any questions about your request you may call the Main Office during business hours or for after hours nights and weekend maintenance emergencies Call The 24/7 Maintenance Emergency Number provided to you on your lease and we will assist you as soon as possible.

What does Maintenance handle and what am I responsible for?

  • We handle all major repairs when things go wrong. Tenants handle small matters like changing lightbulbs or at fault maintenance issues.

When do snow plows clear the driveways?

  • Same as city Regulations our trucks start plowing after approximately 4 inches of snow has fallen.

Who shovels the sidewalks?

  • Typically; We ask that tenants pitch in to keep the sidewalks and walking pathways clear. We provide rock salt for every building at most apartment complexes.

Do you have any valet trash services?

  • Not at this time. Every property has a Dumpster or Garbage Bin and ask that tenants take their bagged trash directly to the trash cans.


How do I pay my rent?

  • By Check, Money Order, Cashier's Check or Online Payment using AppFolio. Simply click the link once emailed to setup your AppFolio account Please note, paying by Checking Account is $2.49. Paying by Debit is a $9.99 charge. Credit Card will result in a 3.49% charge. We do not accept Cash Payments. (Fees are enforced by AppFolio and subject to change.)

When is Rent Due?

  • Rent is due the 1st of the month and considered late by the 5th at 5:01 pm with a $25 late fee. Bounced or Returned payments are subject to a $30 insufficient funds fee.

What happens when I don’t pay rent on time?

  • We want to help. We ask that you communicate with us to avoid late fees or eviction if possible, there are several programs in place to help tenants who are having trouble, but ultimately rent must be paid to avoid eviction.


What if I have an issue with a neighbor?

  • If you feel comfortable, kindly address the concern with your neighbor, if not our office staff are here to help! Call or Email us any time. For after hour emergencies call the 24/7 Maintenance number or 911 for civil matters or other non-maintenance emergencies.


What are the average utility bills?

  • We get this question a lot and as we do not see tenant bills, we don't usually know. All utility bills vary with usage and apartment type. We suggest calling in your meter reading when possible to ensure you're accurately being charged.

What are your office hours and where are you located?

  • Monroe & Livingston County Operations 51 E. Ridge Rd. Rochester, NY 14615

585-441-9188 | M-F 8-4pm 

585-201-2145 | Nights & Weekends Maintenance Emergencies

  • Wayne County Operations | 311 1/2 Washington St. Newark, NY 14513

315-331-9305 | M-F 8:30-4:30pm

315-879-0005 | Nights & Weekends Maintenance Emergencies

  • Orleans County Operations | 243 S Main St. Suite 135 Albion, NY 14411

585-205-5221 | M-F 9-1pm

585-471-0118 | Nights & Weekends Maintenance Emergencies

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