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-2 Bedroom 2nd floor Apartment $590

-1 Bedroom 1st Floor Apartment $550



Arnold Gregory Office Building

For Lease

 243 S. Main St, Albion NY




Arnold Gregory Office Complex located in Albion NY

The Arnold Gregory Office Building was formerly the town Hospital in Albion NY. The building is 56,000 Square Feet with plenty of parking. There is a mix of health, service, small business and non profit related organizations currently using the space as tenants.

Child Enrichment Business Moves into Arnold Gregory

Our current tenants include The Arc of Orleans, Rainbow Preschool, Catholic Charities, a doctor’s office, a dentist, a chiropractor, a church, a reproductive health clinic, a massage therapist, a county affordable housing program, a hearing aid company, a mental health service provider, a nurse training company and a well known utility company. Approximately 275 people visit the building daily. According to NYS DOT, the building sits on the highest trafficked road in town, with 5,610 daily cars passing by.


Please contact us if you are interested in renting space! 




Arnold Grerory Complex featuring Albion NY Office Space

                                       Amenities Included

-Coffee/Snack Shop

-Lobby sitting and meeting lounge

-Free signage inside and outside of the building

-Daily use of second floor conference room

-Micro - Gym for tenant use

-On site storage

-Plenty of parking and ease of access. Two loading docks and six outside entrances

-Our full time maintenance staff works out of and oversee's the building.

-Utilities (Heating, Cooling, Water and Common Hallway Cleaning) are included in a Lease. 

For More Information Please Contact Us At                                          585-441-9188

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